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The early years in a child’s life set the tone for future learning. Our goal at Little Foot Enrichment Learning Center is to stay current on research in child development so that we are able to build a foundation for each child that lasts a lifetime.

Our curriculum is designed with specific learning objectives for each age level and child, integrating assessments and portfolios, which guide the teacher’s development/implementation of classroom activities, individualized learning, and a predictable yet responsive daily schedule.

All classroom curriculums are implemented in a manner that reflects sensitivity to family home values, beliefs, experiences, and language as well as incorporates number of goals.

Our major goal is to provide the necessary educational foundation for success when our students enter an elementary school program by

  • Providing an atmosphere in which children are encouraged to be productive and creative.
  • Providing confidence and competence in their abilities.
  • Developing an appreciation for education and a love of learning.
  • Educating the whole child to reach their full potential – cognitively, emotionally, socially and physically.
  • Encouraging a positive self-concept and feeling of self-worth.
  • Developing fine motor and gross motor skills
  • Teaching safe and healthy habits.
  • Providing a strong foundation for listening, reading, writing, and speaking.
  • Providing an atmosphere in which a child feels secure and comfortable away from his/her family.
  • Supporting the development of social skills.
  • Developing the ability communicate effectively with others.
  • Developing a sense of responsibility and independence by teaching self-help skills and strengthening decision-making abilities.
  • Offering opportunities for children to learn work and play in groups and individually, according to their developmental needs and interest.
  • Promoting healthy relationships with peers and adults.
  • Developing awareness of different languages and cultures.
  • Understanding the importance of technology as a tool for learning.
  • Assessing the individual needs of each child.


Little Foot Enrichment Learning Center enrolls children, ages 6 weeks up to five years of age, along with before and after school care children up to the age of 12. The number of children cared for at any one time will not exceed the number for which the center is licensed. The capacity of Little Foot Enrichment Learning Center is 50 children.

We are occasionally available for no-school days for school aged children on an individual and limited basis when arrangements are made in advance.


Parents wishing to enroll their children in the center must set up an appointment. As part of the pre-enrollment process, we require participation in the following before the pre-enrollment process is complete:

  • Center and classroom tour
  • Program orientation and parent handbook review
  • Meet the Directors and Lead Teacher

All center interviews are scheduled at 6:30pm and by appointment ONLY.

Once you have expressed an interest in enrolling at Little Foot Enrichment Learning Center and you have been offered an invitation into our program by the Directors, you will be given a copy of the parent handbook and an enrollment packet containing forms necessary to enroll your child(ren) in the Center. Current immunization information must be submitted to the center upon enrollment, and all immunizations must be current. Little Foot Enrichment Learning Center must be informed of any custody situation in advance and will request that the proper paperwork be in the child(ren)’s file. Parents will be required to comply with all state regulations and center rules as set forth in this handbook.


The current biweekly tuition rate is established for the current academic year and is set forth in the accompanying Financial Agreement and Enrollment Contract based on your child’s age group and program. It is our philosophy that clients are paying for the full-time spot their child will take in our center. This is not based upon attendance but rather on a set biweekly tuition fee that is due regardless of the attendance habits of the child who has the spot. Our fee structure is based upon a biweekly fee that is set by the contract which is signed by the parents upon enrolling the child(ren) in the program. The Financial Agreement and Enrollment Contract is valid for one (1) year from June 1 of the current year to May 31 of the following year. Financial Agreement and Enrollment Contracts are renewed annually during the first week of May, and new contracts must be signed and submitted by the required deadline in order to secure a spot for your child for the upcoming academic year.

Child Care Subsidy Program

Little Foot Enrichment Learning Center is authorized to receive payments from the Child Care Subsidy Program through the State of Maryland, which provides financial assistance with child care costs to eligible working families in the form of vouchers.
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The National Association of Child Care Resource & Referral Agencies is our nation's leading voice for child care. NACCRRA works with the U.S. Military Services to help those who serve in the military find and afford child care that suits their unique needs. Little Foot Enrichment Learning Center is an approved provider (provider ID number is 47298) and is authorized to receive payments from any military family eligible for the Operation Military Child Care Program, which is a reduced assistance fee program for deployed service members that are unable to attain child care on a Military installation.



The official brand of uniform clothing for enrolled children aged 2 years old and above at Little Foot Enrichment Learning Center is French Toast. Customized uniform sheets with specific style numbers for each item will be distributed each school year and approved styles are available for purchase year-round at For all telephone and internet orders, please remember to mention our school source code as we are enrolled in the French Toast School Fund Raising Program.

Little Foot Center
Little Foot Center
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SCHOOL NAME: Little Foot Enrichment Learning Center
LOCATION: Accokeek, Maryland

School uniforms must be worn to school and all outings/field trips unless otherwise indicated during the time period from Labor Day in September to Memorial Day in May. In addition to the French Toast uniform items listed online, the following items are required:

  • For Girls

White or navy blue knee high socks or tights with a soft soled, low heel T-strap shoe in black or navy.

  • For Boys

Navy socks with navy or black soft-soled oxford shoes.

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