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Loving and Learning Go Hand and Hand

Welcome to Little Foot Enrichment Learning Center, in operation since July 2003. At Little Foot Enrichment Learning Center, every child is important. Like you, we are interested in your child’s whole development. Our commitment is to provide you and your child with the best in quality child care and early childhood education.

Our program is academically rich and designed to promote your child’s growth and development. We specialize in enrichment programs for early child development and learning that helps to create independent, well adjusted, and happy children.

We strive to encourage the children in our care to become responsible, caring, awesome individuals, and our slogan is “Love and Learning Go Hand and Hand”. We are looking forward to getting to know you and your child and providing a rich learning environment where all our children develop to their full potential.

About Us

The mission is to educate the whole child, socially, emotionally, physically, and academically while providing a safe, healthy and nurturing environment to prepare a child for the future.

My Philosophy

Little Foot Enrichment Learning Center is part of a community that includes families, children, staff and friends.

Our strong collaboration and partnership is based on our belief that positive parent and adult participation in the early development of children improves long-term developmental and educational outcomes for children, fosters more verbal and social competence, and aids in the development of effective parenting techniques.

Little Foot Enrichment Learning Center recognizes that the first five years of a child’s life are a particularly sensitive period in the process of development, laying a foundation in childhood and beyond for cognitive functioning, behavioral, social and self-regulatory capacities, and physical health. We believe that most of life's learning, including how to learn, occurs in the first five years of life.

This learning process is based upon developmental achievements, the child's individual style of learning and experiential background.

Each child is unique. We strive to provide a nurturing and stimulating learning environment in which each child in our care can continually thrive by providing experiences which allow active exploration, manipulation and concrete, developmentally appropriate practices.

These aspects form the foundation for more abstract learning that allow the children to question, reason, create, and engage in meaningful interactions with others.

The nature and needs of the individual child are recognized. Your child can attain meaning and mastery within our environment through social interactions with peers, the teacher and other nurturing adults.

The program provides a structured early childhood educational curriculum that promotes each child’s ability to learn. The program is dedicated to guiding each child’s discovery of his or her unique abilities.

To meet the individual needs of each child, we recognize that there must be flexibility in our approach to teaching and nurturing because each child varies in background, social development and learning styles. Our children are encouraged to express themselves in order to develop their own talents through the less restrictive activities of play, whilst participating in a structured academic environment.

Because each child’s early childhood experience is primarily the responsibility of the parent/guardian, we welcome the participation of parents and guardians in every facet of their child’s early development. Little Foot Enrichment Learning Center provides parents with a safe and nurturing environment that is an extension of the child's primary care home environment.

This program serves to bring children together in a place that truly nurtures their dreams and invites their parents to share in a partnership built on one common goal - to promote each child’s ability to become responsible, caring, successful and productive individuals. The program slogan, “Love and Learning Go Hand and Hand”, epitomizes this early care and educational philosophy.

Little Foot ELC

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